Masses in Light

But without the libretto just music ... Simply put; a provocation and a response. As an artist I am a print maker, often a hybrid, mixed media, but mostly lens based. I make pictures and take pictures, sometimes they are born of laughter, sometimes by pain; by study, or happenstance. Highly eclectic discrete series, exploring visual languages and grammars: both semic and asemic. I remain fascinated by the variety of materials and techniques to affect the work and the final expression and a response.

Recent or Friend to those who have no friends 2024
Lost Language : “Signifiant sans Signifie”
Pictures of pulp and paper
Metal work
When I was an Astronaut
Taking a vine for a walk
Tanzkurven : Zu den Tänzen der Rebe
Nova Poeziya [Novaya Poeziya]
De Stijl Application : Black Box
Lost Author : 1
Orchids Assisted Dying
Bromoil : Oiled Paper Parliament
Polaroid transfers
Polaroid SX-70
Dance : Danse
Polaroid Hands
Mysterious Marks
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