Recovery software may suit as an explanation. Something like Google never comes back with a ‘beats me’ or ‘I can’t think of anything’ the ‘technology’, the ‘machine’ wants to help. I did ‘feed’ the ‘machine’ but I was unclear exactly what it would show me when I asked for it back. I found its inability to remember what I gave it uncharacteristic, but it had a charm. All of my practice has a, what’s the best word, machine, apparatus, instrument interaction that is variously chemical, mechanical, electronic. I am always a co-creator with me as author, an ‘instrument’ and eventually a viewer. But these I name ‘Lost Author’, I am the editor of what was offered. Perhaps as I decide what is framed, included, I am always the editor. These are 'recovered' from a series done as part of a corporate commission. There are a number of recovered files that are of interest which I will show separately.
Various capture dates : 2020 recovery / print date
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