I think I like it if something was there, even if I put it there … although I started with things I found there … Sometimes I move things to where I like them better … I sometimes fool around with the things until you’d hardly remember they were things …
For more than five decades : My practice put simply; a provocation and a response.
Today I think of my provocations like a Wilson Cloud Chamber, with multiple particle traces, like ideas colliding. The colliding particles may be from art history, personal experience, or something seen on a walk, an accident or something purposeful with the materials. I do not always supply the 'directive;' the experience one should have in being with the work. 
I have interactions, with tools, the chemistry, and the machinery, the substrates. I remain fascinated by the variety of materials and techniques to affect the work and the final expression and a possible emotional response to a piece of work.
By myself I am inquisitive; and disquisitive if I can find someone. I am a print maker, mostly. I make pictures and take pictures, sometimes they are born of laughter, sometimes by pain; by study, or happenstance. Highly eclectic discrete series, often lens based to start, exploring the languages and grammars using familiar and sometimes idiosyncratic methods. The shifts in style, technique and subject matter, a highly playful evasion of aesthetic categorization. These are some 'places' I have visited, some I can not go back to, and some I can not leave.
“It's not like a movement; anyway, movements no longer work; also, linear history has unravelled somewhat.”
Specific Objects : Donald Judd 1965.
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